“I encounter inspiration in the dynamic energy in everything that surrounds me”

For Juan Magan painting is a form of self expresion and conmunicotion that surpasses spaten words and writing.

He lets the interaccion of colours, forms, spontaneous tecniques and at times challeges cross the process of creativity to release his creative energy accumalating on the canvas.

“I have a close disciplinary approach towards my art”

He has various styles, all different, an important valve in his life that is constantly changing, and his interpretation comes forth dynamically in his moments of creativity.

“The varsatility lets me elaborate styles where, colour composition and canvas, créate unique dramatic expositions.”

He continues prospering in his career taking on new projects and challenging himself constantly as an artist. His talent and conviation to share his perspective While the world continues growing and envolving.

“Playing with colours, textures and ideas”

“Everytime I paint a picture, I give it my all and when the piece is fineshed I love it, but at the beginning another side of me is eager to finish and create something new, to demand more of myself”

Juan Magan art brings life through colours and forms, inside of his house, transforming the interior of his house completly. The unique canvaces original and exclusive. These works of art come with a signed stamped certificate and labeled. Impossible to copy.

“The process of painting allows me to escape from reality and I can dream”

“Painting is a type of meditation for me, during this time I am alone with my thoughts”