“The only fear thaf I have in life, is to not be able to improve myself”

Welcolme to the artistic world of Juan Magan, where painting is a form of emotienal fely expresion.

Everything starts  with a real image compenting with ar imaginary thought process. In which an idea is touche lit on before, his first brushstroke touches the canvas.

“Every work of art is an impulsive challenge that starts wilh an idea, finishing with the  final bruskstroke, considering thak every stroke decides its triumph or failure”

His great virtue is the representation  of the unexpected. Leaving the colours to form a dialeogue of image, where pure fake always has a right to respond too.

“If I new the result of a work art, it would be too boring”

Bienvenido al mundo artístico del pintor Juan Magan

The artist

Bienvenido al mundo artístico del pintor Juan Magan

Juan Magan

Juan Magan, was born in this world, to embark on a vogage of self discovery.

Showing his growing passion for painting in the first stages of his infancy, that became his constant campanion. But  there was a crutial moment on a stage of his life where he needed to center himself on creating art.

“I have never studied a class or course in art”